Wyn Dragon-Smith, Sylvia Major, and their children have all been accused and/or defamed with vile and untrue allegations, as have Denis and Greg Mackie. After years presenting the evidence, showing the truth and clearing their names in the public eye, there remains a number of persistent individuals who continue to campaign for false justice.


We have been receiving legal advice from 3 different sources - A private Solicitor - Police Scotland & Peter Watson of Levy & McRae regarding taking legal action against certain individuals and organisations. The advice was consistent - it would be very costly and there would be no guarantee of those costs being recouped. Whilst an injunction would prevent certain individuals from publicising defamatory information on the internet (as in the case of Sheriff Buchanan against Robert Green) there would be nothing stopping others publicising on behalf of those the action would be taken against.


It was the opinion of Police Scotland that all the individuals wrongly accused and defamed in this case had been seriously let down by our current legislation that has not kept pace with technology - and we agree!


We are now considering applying to the European Court of Human Rights - stay tuned!


Thank you to everyone that has helped us over the years – Wyn, Sylvia and their children, Denis and Greg appreciate it very much, and we would welcome your support if our case ever enters the court room.


Until then…..